Valkyrie Updates...

March 3rd 2007
I've been pretty determined since the first day of this year that I was actually going to update on Rinoa's birthday. ;) So I revamped the YKYLRTMW page.. if you've read it before, read it again, I promise it's better. Not to mention a lot longer. I think before maybe I had 19 reasons? Now it's up to 30 for just Rinoa, with 22 additonal indicators that you, too, may be a little obsessed with FF8 in general.

July 23rd 2006
I don't think I've ever been right on as far as celebrating the birthday of this shrine goes, but I looked at the date today and it took me a moment but I finally remembered why July 23rd sounded so important - six years ago today I opened this shrine! 0_0 I'm really sorry about not having anything planned or any definite updates to add today or anything, but I can say:
- I rotated the music back in March but I guess forgot to mention it here (oh man, sorry). I'll be getting rid of the rotation soon and replacing it with a static music section of just Rinoa-related music from FF8, so if you have any requests, I'll probably just do one more rotation.. You might want to ask!
- I have one and a half new sections written.. One of them I'm pretty sure I'm actually going to put up as soon as I feel like adding the finishing touches to it, the other.. I'm not sure, but we'll see.. and I have some other stuff planned. I also want to get a new layout up here because this one really, really sucks, but I'm still trying to get used to the beast that is PS CS2.
- If you have sent me anything in the past (fanart, etc.) and I haven't put it up, it's because I was storing it in Outlook Express with the intention of putting it up at some point, but Outlook Express decided to be an ass and delete all of my emails from about, I don't know, the past seven years of my life. I'm pretty pissed off about that, but I guess it's what I get for not tending to mail when I get it, huh? Anyway, I'm soooo sorry about this, I know I had a bunch of stuff for Valkyrie that got lost, but if you don't mind recontacting me about it, I would still love to put it up. :( SORRY!
The 'sorry' counter for this update is at 4, so I think I should probably go.. but here's a huge THANK YOU for visiting this shrine still after a big six years! :D I hope to have it for many more (and to start updating it a little more often!)

July 9th 2005
A new layout, named after (or even, based on?) a song by Placebo called Without You I'm Nothing. I'm sorry this font and the "typography" in the graphic part don't go together well but I had my heart set on using something really tiny and concise for the shrine navigation & title; after I coded it I realized it wasn't going to MATCH any usable, readable font I could make this text, so.. here you go, it doesn't match in the least. Sorry. ^^;
Slowly but surely I'm going through the articles around here and revising them (because some of them are just bad and I'm surprised everyone doesn't run away crying). So far I've gotten through the first five pages in the Rinoa section; the one with the most noticable change is "Heart Like an Angel" because it was really just all over the place and I tried my best to organize it, even though I still think it's pretty bad. As I rewrite/edit/cleanup more stuff, I'll make notice of it here.
I have some fan submissions sitting around in my inbox right now that I know I need to put up; I'll try and do that soon! So check back.