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Silence and Motion is that old Final Fantasy VIII gallery that I've been holding on to now for about two and half years, that I finally decided deserved an actual "site" of its own. ^^;; The poor thing was first started as a subsection/project thing at my personal site, but when my Rinoa shrine (Valkyrie) opened it was all dumped there, moved back, and dumped there again when my personal site closed. For a while, it was the gallery at Valkyrie, until I opened Redemption in which case it was like.. shared.. between both of them. O_o;; Except now the damn thing has finally gotten a space and name of its own, so.. Silence and Motion it is. Be happy. ^_^ Navigation is above on the numbers 1-5 (1-4 being the ones that actually lead to the galleries). Also note that this actually still serves as the gallery for Valkyrie and Redemption.

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