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Silver Angel doesn't have a copyright on these images, or on FF8 *rapid frantic screams can be heard from far away* .. O_o;; So if you want to use images, go on ahead. For layouts or wallpapers or buttons or your own gallery or whatever, I don't really care. Use 'em all you want. If you want to give credit back to SaM, it isn't necessary.. However doing so may get you extra brownie points in Silv's special little mental book, as she is easily won over. XS The only thing she asks, since she spent her FREE TIME of which she SERIOUSLY LACKS putting this gallery together, is to please not rip the whole thing or huge amounts of images off of it. Don't claim YOU spent your time screencapping the images, don't use thumbnails, don't direct link, or anything else stupid like that, otherwise you will have to face the consequences of being savagely beaten. As far as rules go, that's all, folks. :3


What's Silence and Motion?
Silence and Motion is the name of the song that plays in Esthar the first time you visit it. :D While I was trying to think of a name for the gallery, I couldn't think of anything that fit, so I looked at the FF8 soundtrack since sometimes song names inspire me. I saw "Silence and Motion," and it sounded pretty good. Thus, here you are. :S

How'd you get these images, anyway?
It's actually as simple as screencapping the FMV cut scenes straight from th FF8 PC version itself. I think there's a program somewhere that lets you do it with PS discs too, but I suck and neither have it or know where to get it. Or know the name of it, for that matter. O_o

So you screencapped them. How?
I use PaintShop Pro to take all of my screencaptures - however, you could probably do it with any graphics program, like Photoshop or whatever, or with simply Alt + Print Screen. If you have PSP and can't figure out how to cap - It's under File > Import > Screencapture.

Oh, ok. So that's why some of the images look pixelly and grainy?
Why, because I suck, or because I screencapped them from the FF8 PC version? ;; But yeah.. it's something like that. I think it's a combination of both. XP FMV cut scenes on the computer don't run nearly as smoothly as PS cut scenes, so that results in less shading and more pixelly images. But some of them do have sucky quality, too, because of my stupidity when I was screencapping and saving them over two years ago. :P I wanted them to be big so I could use them, but I didn't want them to use up space. Thus, I saved a lot of them as GIFs, something I really, REALLY shouldn't have done. O_o;; That's why some of the images are huge, too. I apologize for that. ^^;; I really am going to go in and fix them someday, by smoothing them out and resizing them, I swear..

Can I take this layout?
Let me think. Umm, no.

What if I still have a question?
Just contact me about it and I'd be glad to answer it for you if I have time.


I don't own FF8. I don't own any images or characters from FF8. You know it, I know it, the Mystical Powers That Be know it. But because I don't wanna get my puny teenage ass sued, this goes here anyway. ^^;; Besides, I'm poor... why would you choose to sue me anyway? O_o;;