(7/23/06) Sorry, Redemption is going to be closed for a little bit so that it can finally get the complete revamp it's needed for a loooong time now. That layout's been up for way too long and I'm not even going to say anything about the content! So check back soon for a whole new Redemption. ^_-
(1/8/07) Allright... Since the site's been on such a long hiatus I thought a little word here was in order. XP I am sorry for taking forever but I'm having a tough time because not only were many of my original sections on Irvine written kind of badly, I've realized my opinion on him has changed over the years. I grew up, basically :P but this shrine didn't grow up with me. So, this revamp has turned from just revising articles into actually scrapping old ones entirely, replanning the site, and rewriting 3/4 of the things on here about Irvine, in addition to revising the 1/4 of them that were okay. Also, I made a new layout for this place last summer, but decided along the way that for such a content-intensive site it was incredibly hard to read, so I took a break from rewriting and revising to sort of fix it. And add in to all of this mess that I'm trying to fix some of my shitty old coding ways a little bit, and convert this site to CSS so that changing layouts won't be such a pain. AND that I'm a person who doesn't update enough as it is. That, my friends, is why it is 2007 and this site has still not been reopened. But please be patient with me, I'm the universe's worst perfectionist and I really do want this place to be great instead of.. umm.. what is was before which wasn't so hot. Hopefully Redemption will reopen sometime this spring, 5 gazillion times better than before. So like, until then.. visit my affiliates.. cross your fingers.. you get my drift? ;)

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